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Smart Watch Comparison

The table below is to help you compare the smart watches we have to offer (Please note all products below are both iOS and Android compatible)

Model Gender RRP Battery Screen Type Heartrate Monitoring LTE NFC Water Resistancy RAM Storage
Guess Connect Unisex 259+ 300 mAh AMOLED IP68 512mb 4gb
Huawei Watch 2 Mens 229+ 420 mAh AMOLED * IP68 768mb 4gb
Hugo Boss Touch Mens 299+ 300 mAh AMOLED IP68 512mb 4gb
Movado Connect Mens 495+ 300 mAh AMOLED IP68 512mb 4gb
MyKronoz Unisex 219+ 200 mAh TFT 5ATM - -
Nixon Mission Mens 329+ 400 mAh AMOLED 10ATM 512mb 4gb
Polar M600 Unisex 329+ 500 mAh LCD IPX8 512mb 4gb

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