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Clifton Club Indian

Clifton Club Indian

Clifton Club Indian

Diving Watches

Sinn has the reputation for some of the toughest Diving watches in the world, perfectly designed to handling underwater extremes.

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Instrument Watches

Harking to the Sinn legacy of producing cockpit navigation clocks, these ally the highest levels of accuracy and legibility in all conditions.

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Frankfurt Financial District Watches

These watches are distinguished by their connection with Frankfurt am Main, the internationally renowned banking and stock exchange center and the home of our company since 1961.

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SINN Technologies

TEGIMENT Technology raises the hardness level of the base material, e.g. stainless steel, by a significant factor. The technology was first introduced in the 756 Duochronograph at the International Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel in 2003, replacing the ice hardening technique for nickel-free watch cases first presented in 2002. Originally TEGIMENT Technology was only used on stainless steel cases. The term is now used to refer to all materials with a hardened surface.
TEGIMENT Technology provides highly effective protection against scratches. The method is not, however, based on the application of a coating. Instead it is the surface of the material itself which is hardened by means of a special process, thereby creating a protective layer (“tegimentum” in Latin). The surface of any watch hardened using TEGIMENT Technology has a significantly greater level of protection against scratches than that afforded by the hardness of the base material.

Absolutely free from fogging, pressure-resistant at any accessible diving depth and perfect readability from any angle under water – these are the unbeatable advantages of our diving watches equipped with HYDRO Technology. How does it work? The movement, dial and hands are immersed directly in a crystal-clear bath of oil. The watch is thus free from fogging, as there is no air inside the case.

Magentic field protection from Sinn: A soft iron cage, comprising the dial, movement holding ring and intermediate bottom, protects the watch's movement up to 80,000 ampere per meter (A/m). This corresponds to 1000 gauss or of 100 millitesla (mT).

Ar-Dehumidifying Technology solves a basic problem of mechanical watches: the aging of oils due to moisture in the air contained inside, or diffusing into, the watch. The movement is mounted in a nearly anhydrous atmosphere thanks to the three Ar-Dehumidifying Technology elements of drying capsule, EDR seals and protective gas filling. Aging processes and fogging of the crystal from sudden cold are prevented, and reliable functioning and accuracy are ensured.

History of SINN

Helmut Sinn, an instructor for blind flight and former World War II pilot, founds the company “Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren” in Frankfurt am Main. The company's core business is the manufacture of, navigation clocks and pilot chronographs.

Sinn moved to new headquarters, securing a more suitable manufacturing premises.
Sinn also entered space, during the D-1 spacelab mission on the wrist of Professor Dr. Reinhard Furrer and proving that a self winding mechanism still functions in weightless conditions.

Worn during the Mir-92 mission, a Sinn 142 S performed flawlessly on the wrist of astronaut Klaus-Dietrich Flade.

Once again, Sinn re-entered space, and over the course of 10 days a 142 Space Chronograph travelled 6.7 million kilometres orbiting the earth, orbiting the earth 160 times on board the NASA space shuttle Columbia.

September 1st 1994 marked the acquisition of Sinn by Lothar Schmidt, a certified engineer. The company underwent a significant change to propel the company into the future, focusing strongly on research and design, while also being renamed to "Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH". The first model to emerge from the change is the 244, with Sinn's famed Magnetic field protection in a Titanium case.

Sinn releases its very first gold watch, with the unusual choice of 22 carat gold for the case. By carefully working to produce a special alloy, the case matches the material hardness of a stainless steel watch allowing the lustrous decadence of a precious metal watch while keeping the Sinn resilience.
Another notable development is Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, first seen in the 203 Ti Ar. This ensures the case is always free of moisture and sealed against ingress, avoiding fogging of the dial during sudden changes in temperature, as well as extending the service life of the moving components of the movement.

HYDRO Technology is introduced for the first time, in the 403 HYDRO. This technology guarantees absolute freedom from fogging, pressure resistance at every accessible diving depth and optimal readability under water at any angle.

Known as a maker of special timepieces, SINN once again proves its competence with the development of two extraordinary mission timers known as the EZM1 and EZM2. These timepieces are designed for use in missions by special police forces and the GSG 9 (Border Protection Group 9 of Federal Police), where precise timing can mean the difference between life and death. The mission timers focus on the absolute essentials: optimal readability and perfect measurement of time. In the following years, additional mission timers were developed for special, professional user profiles.

HYDRO Technology is introduced for the first time, in the 403 HYDRO. This technology guarantees absolute freedom from fogging, pressure resistance at every accessible diving depth and optimal readability under water at any angle.

Sinn Spezialuhren perfects Ar-Dehumidifying Technology in combination with SINN special oil 66-228 to create a Temperature Resistance Technology, with which watches remain functional between temperatures of –45 °C up to +80 °C. Equipped with the newly development technology, the chronograph 303 KRISTALL is tested at the Yukon Quest, the world's most demanding dogsled race, and passes the test with flying colours.
The 103 Ti Ar is honoured with the “Goldene Unruh” award which is awarded for the first time.

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