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Quartz Movement Watch Trend | The Watch Hut

Published: 13-12-2017

Ball Men's  Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU Chronometer Titanium Automatic Chronograph Watch

Quartz movement watches first appeared in the late 60s, and have taken the world of watchmaking by storm ever since. Unlike the conventional mechanical watch, quartz movement watches operate by channelling tiny electric currents from the watch battery to a piece of quartz, which generates enough voltage to power the watch with pinpoint accuracy.

We showcase some of the hottest quartz watches on the market, from US giants Bulova to understated Danish brand Skagen. With a range of different styles that operate with super-sharp movement, you can find a quartz watch that suits your lifestyle and personality.

Men's Bulova Accutron II watch

Mens Bulova Accutron II Watch 96A155

This distinctive watch from Bulova (£254) is a perfect example of quartz in action, as the centre of the face exposes the inner-workings of the quartz movement. The green face is surrounded by a brush metal casing and fastened with a classic black leather strap, in a colourful and modern design. It's a perfect choice for fashion-forward men who demand super-precision from their timepiece.

Ladies' Juicy Couture Grove watch

Ladies Juicy Couture Grove Watch 1901183

Some say life is too short to be subtle, and Juicy Couture embodies this notion throughout its timepiece collection. The Ladies' Juicy Couture Grove watch (£250) has that in-your-face fantastic aesthetic in abundance.

It features a jewel-encrusted face and a bejewelled outer case, fastened with a sleek PVD rose gold bracelet. Whether you wear it to work or on a big night out, it's ideal for anyone who can't resist a bit of sparkle.

Men's Armani Exchange watch

Mens Armani Exchange Watch AX2144

Armani are always in tune with fashion trends, and this handsome quartz movement watch (£169) is a fine example of sophisticated modern design.

The jet-black face and black ion-plated steel case carries through to the sleek metal bracelet, to create a watch that's slick and polished. The subtle use of gold tones on the hands and number markers taps into the ultra-modern black and gold trend, for extra fashion kudos.

Ladies' Vivienne Westwood Orb watch

Ladies Vivienne Westwood Orb Watch VV006SL

Flamboyant fashion designer Vivienne Westwood never holds back when it comes to stepping forwards in fashion, and this beautiful Orb watch (£200) showcases the brand's unique approach to contemporary design.

The white face features a mixture of numbers and Roman numerals, which are interrupted by a misshaped love heart, giving the piece an ultra-modern-meets-art-deco aesthetic. In a quick flash of colour, the second-hand features a red heart, and the charm attached to the dial is a fun finishing touch.

Men's Hugo Boss Ambassador watch

Mens Hugo Boss Ambassador Watch 1513021

You can't beat a classic and this men's Ambassador watch (£150) from Hugo Boss is a vintage-inspired masterpiece.

The white face features silver toned Roman numerals and hands, and is surrounded by a shiny silver steel casing. A chocolate brown tortoise shell leather strap completes this handsome timepiece, making it a versatile addition to casual and formal ensembles alike.

Ladies' Skagen Anita Refined watch

Ladies Skagen Anita Watch SKW2307

Get the Scandi-look with the Anita Refined watch (£79.02) from Skagen. Simplistic in its design, the watch features an attractive chain metal bracelet and a metallic blue face, which shows only the numbers 12 and 6, leaving a smattering of jewels to mark the remaining hours. Proving that sometimes less is often more, it's a beautifully minimalist quartz watch.

If you're looking for stylish affordability when it comes to your next favourite watch, perhaps it's time you joined the quartz movement. Browse our entire quartz watch collection, which features some of the most iconic global watch brands.

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