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New Year’s Eve Jewellery Ideas: A Watch For Your Outfit | The Watch Hut

Published: 26-12-2017

Four ladies partying at New Years Party

When the clock strikes 2018, you want to be looking your best. And when you're planning your NYE outfit, it's the finishing touches that set you apart. We've picked out the best New Year's Eve accessories to pair with this season's hottest looks, so you can step into January in style.

We countdown our favourite watches, so you're truly ready for the big countdown when the time comes.

Winter formal

If you're heading to an ultra-formal NYE ball, make sure your wrist is dressed as well as the rest of you. Why not channel your inner Bond (or Bond Girl)? There's no better excuse to wear a floor-length gown or classic tux than New Year's Eve, and a simple timepiece with a slim bracelet or strap is all you need to finish off the look.

Ladies Michel Herbelin Waterfall Watch 17475/B60

Ladies' Michel Herbelin Waterfall watch (RRP £440, our price £385)

This Michel Herbelin ladies' Waterfall watch (RRP £440, our price £385) is eye-catching and elegant, with a bright stainless steel bracelet and moody, blue mother of pearl face. The ring of crystals adds a touch of shine; perfect for pairing with diamond earrings, a matching necklace, and a daring neckline.

Mens Smart Turnout Master Watch Oak Leather Watch STL3/RB/56/OAK

Men's Smart Turnout Master oak leather watch (RRP £130)

The men's Master oak leather watch (RRP £130) by Smart Turnout oozes class, with its rich leather strap and warm rose gold accents. Sleek and simple, the brown colouring means it will pair well with your favourite slim-fit navy-blue suit.

Disco royalty

Are you ready to dance your way into 2018? If you're planning on being the life and soul of the party, embrace the 'more is more' trend and opt for sequins, sparkles, and shine. It's the perfect opportunity to make a fashion statement, and what you wear on your wrist is no exception.

Ladies Juicy Couture CALI Watch 1901326

Ladies' Juicy Couture Cali watch (RRP £325)

Always one to turn heads, Juicy Couture's ladies' Cali watch (RRP £325) looks like it was made for NYE2018. Dripping in black and silver crystals, it's a fun and flashy accessory that promises to perfectly catch the light when you're catching the eye of someone special about on the dancefloor.

Mens Hugo Boss Navigator Chronograph Watch 1513531

Men's Hugo Boss Navigator chronograph watch (RRP £329, our price £263)

Magnificently masculine, the oversized men's Navigator chronograph watch (RRP £329, our price £263) by Hugo Boss is the perfect shade of NYE gold. A great statement piece that'll also easily transition into the boardroom next year, pair it with an all-black ensemble and let it do the talking.

British vintage charm

Whether or not you'll be in listening to Big Ben chime his way into 2018 on the shores of the Thames, there's no better way to welcome in the new year like a Londoner than with a classic Henry London watch on your wrist and a cosy scarf wrapped around your shoulders.

Ladies Henry London Iconic Watch HL34-S-0224

Ladies' Henry London Iconic watch (RRP £99.95)

The ladies' Iconic watch (RRP £99.95) is adorably retro, with a powder blue leather strap and classic gold case. Embrace the pastel pallet and wear it with a baby pink dress and nude heels for a shabby-chic ensemble that'll instantly warm up the wintertime.

Mens Henry London Heritage Automatic Watch HL42-AS-0280

Men's Henry London Heritage automatic watch (RRP £199)

The men's Heritage automatic watch (RRP £199) has a 1940s appeal with its chocolate brown strap and muted gold case. The skeleton peephole gives it a hint of intrigue and adds to the vintage theme - pair it with corduroys and a checked shirt for a cosy NYE ensemble.

Super red

Whether you let loose on the karaoke machine or tell a special someone that thing you've been waiting to say, be bold this New Year's Eve. Red is daring and classic, so you can stand out and step into 2018 with confidence.

Ladies Mondaine Swiss Railways Evo2 30 Watch MSE30210LC

Ladies' Mondaine Swiss Railways Evo2 30 watch (RRP £219)

The Swiss Railways Evo2 30 watch (RRP £219) by Mondaine has an Art Deco feel, with the bold lines on the face, thick hands, and classic combination of white, black and red. It'll look great with everything from an LBD to a gold jumpsuit - or pair it with something slinky and red to really commit and make a statement.

Mens Nixon The Sentry SS Star Wars Praetorian Guard Watch A356SW-2963

Men's Nixon Sentry SS Star Wars Praetorian Guard watch (RRP £210)

The men's Sentry SS Star Wars Praetorian Guard watch (RRP £210) by Nixon doesn't hold back - the black face contrasts with the red case and strap, commanding attention. Add a flash of colour to your NYE ensemble and let it stand out against a slim-fit black suit.

Make sure you look fantastic as you watch 2017 tick away, so you can enter the New Year feeling your absolute best. Browse our full range of men's and ladies' watches for more NYE 2018 accessory inspiration!

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