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How To Choose A Tonneau Watch | The Watch Hut

Published: 23-02-2018

Mens Royal London Chronograph Watch 41261-03

Watch: Royal London watch (RRP £129.99)

Tonneau - which is the French word for barrel - has slowly become a classic watch shape since its introduction in 1906. Once considered a style exclusively for women, the Art Deco period was when the curved and unusual design truly took off.

Lovers of vintage watch design will appreciate its Jazz Age appeal, while others will like that the shape offers an alternative to the norm. We've selected a few of our favourite tonneau watches - find a design that you love and learn how to style it to fit into the rest of your wardrobe.

Ladies' tonneau watches

Tonneau watches were once considered the vogue shape for women's watches, and that heritage runs through to today's designs. Available in both casual and formal styles, you can find traditional and trendy tonneau watches from a range of prestigious brands. Here are our favourites…

A whimsical twist

Ladies Pocket-Watch Tonneau Medio Watch PK2044

Watch: Pocket-Watch Media watch (RRP £150.00)

Traditional meets surreal with the Media watch (RRP £150.00) by Pocket-Watch. The brown leather strap and rose gold plating are perfect for complementing office wear and casual styles. The time markers have an almost surrealist effect, with eye-catching hands that make the face easy-to-read.

The tonneau shape flatters the quirky design, making it a casual piece that will add a touch of fun to your outfit.

A barrel-full of elegance

Ladies DKNY Crosswalk Watch NY2234

Watch: DKNY Crosswalk watch (RRP £81.00)

The Crosswalk watch (RRP £81.00) by DKNY is a perfect example of a ladies' tonneau dress watch. The classic curvature of the casing stretches throughout the rest of the design, with a metal bracelet that criss-crosses elegantly around the wrist.

As you'd expect from DKNY, the face is simple and elegant, making this the perfect timepiece for any discerning fashionista. Perfect for accentuating a classy ensemble, style it against an all-black dress with silver accessories to make a glamorous statement.

Unapologetically feminine

Ladies Roamer Ceraline Bijoux BoxSet Ceramic Watch 673847498960

Watch: Roamer Ceraline Bijoux watch (RRP £325.00)

If you're looking for a special occasion luxury watch, look no further than the Roamer Ceraline Bijoux watch (RRP £325.00). The tonneau casing is accentuated with rose gold PVD plating, set beautifully against the silvery, ceramic strap.

The mother of pearl face adds glamour, while the sparkling time markers make this an elegant and luxurious timepiece.

Men's tonneau watches

Since the 1920s and 1930s, tonneau watches have been the choice for men looking to bring Art Deco styling to their personal wardrobe. We've unveiled our favourite men's pieces for every occasion…

Classic black and gold

Mens Royal London Chronograph Watch 41261-03

Watch: Royal London watch (RRP £129.99)

This chronograph watch (RRP £129.99) from Royal London is a traditional tonneau watch, offering precision timekeeping in an elegant design. The black and gold colouring make this an ageless accessory that will suit men of any age or style.

The watch features three sub-dials and a date function, making it a multi-purpose timepiece that can be paired with any outfit. Wear it to the office when you have clients to impress or when you want to dress up your favourite shirt on the weekend.

Bond-like precision

Mens Citizen Eco-Drive Watch BM6552-52E

Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive watch (RRP £219.00)

The Eco-Drive watch (RRP £219.00) by Citizen is perfect for any man who wants to stand out against the crowd. The tonneau casing flows into the curvature of the metal bracelet, which creates a solid-looking watch that has a distinctively masculine finish.

The gold plating and bright time markers have a 1980s-inspired design, which is right on trend today. The black face adds a classy feel, and you're guaranteed accurate time reading, thanks to Citizen's famous Eco-Drive technology.

Sleek and sporty

Mens Timex Ironman Alarm Chronograph Watch TW5M09800

Watch: Timex Ironman watch (RRP £79.99)

The curved design of a tonneau case makes it a perfect design for watches that must be easy to read, as highlighted in the Ironman watch (RRP £79.99) by Timex. The case curves to accommodate a wide screen, which hosts time, date, and functionality details - perfect for time tracking on the go.

The plastic/resin strap and case mean this watch can withstand tough conditions, and it's also water resistant to 100 metres. It's a great entry level watch for fitness fans looking to improve their performance tracking without breaking the bank.

Tonneau watch cases are ideal for adding a bit of something extra to your look that guarantees to catch eye. Browse the full selection of ladies and men's watches to find your perfect timepiece with The Watch Hut.

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