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How To Buy A Luxury Watch For Around £1,500 | The Watch Hut

Published: 18-08-2017

A man sat down with watch on wrist

Having a budget for a luxury watch helps you narrow down your options, and gives you access to some beautifully luxurious designs. Exclusive brands and the world's greatest watch makers start with prices of around £1,000, so a budget of £1,500 gives you plenty of flexibility for choosing a timepiece.

We've broken down the best styles for around £1,500 for both men and women, to help you find a style that suits your price range.

Men's watches for around £1,500

Mens Hamilton Khaki Navy Watch

Chronograph watches have been popular since their first creation, thanks to the multi-timekeeping capabilities across the various subdials.

One such example is the Pioneer watch for men (£1,540) by Hamilton, with multi-timekeeping functionalities displayed over a crystal clear face. Framed with a traditional bezel, the whole ensemble is tied together with a dark leather strap, allowing it to work with casual and formal ensembles alike, while bright blue hands give it a pop of personality.

Mens Davosa Argonautic Gun Lumis Watch

Men's luxury watches typically feature soft leather straps or metallic bracelets, to create a masculine aesthetic. Metallic watches are typically sports watches, which can include diving and pilot's watches, and feature an array of settings and functionalities to assist in sporting activities.

The men's Davosa Argonautic (£1,550) watch is a simple but beautiful version of a metallic sports watch, with three subdials framed by a multi-tier bezel. This hardy piece of kit can hold its own in the field, but also looks handsome paired with a suit in the office.

Mens Junghans Max Bill Watch

Vastly different from traditional men's luxury watches, minimalist contemporary designs are storming the market at the moment. Stripping back the watch to its most basic functionalities, these watches are simple and stylish, and given an unfussy, clean finish to your outfit.

Lower priced watches in this style are available, but the Max Bill watch by Junghans, coming in at around £1,500, is perhaps one of the most handsome pieces available. Using a colour combination of grey, silver, and brown, the aesthetic harks back to retro design, while the simple style makes this a timeless timepiece with ageless appeal.

Ladies' watches for around £1,500

Ladies Union Glashuette Watch

The breadth of ladies' luxury watch styles is huge, particularly from high-fashion brands, but there are three basic styles that are reliable staples in any woman's jewellery box.

Vintage inspired timepieces are a favourite among men and women, due to their ageless elegance that makes them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

A great example of this is the ladies' Union Glashuette 1893 (£1,530) which brings late Victorian design into the 21st century. Understated, beautifully made, and simply coloured, this watch can be passed down through the generations and maintain its timeless appeal.

Raymond Weil Noemia Watch

Much like men's luxury watches, where there is simplicity there is also extravagance. While men's watches are often decked out with lots of functionalities, women's metallic watches can tend to feature one important addition: diamonds.

The Raymond Weil Noemia watch (£1,595) is a classic example of a luxurious timepiece. Diamonds frame several areas around and on the face, finished with a mother of pearl dial for added elegance.

With Swiss made movement, the timekeeping will be second to none, meaning there's more to this watch than meets the eye.

Ladies' Salvatore Ferragamo Watch

Just because something is luxurious, it doesn't mean it has to be reserved. Fashion often reflects a fun-loving attitude, which can also be found in the luxury watch market. Bright colours, unusual designs, and creations that push the boundaries are all available in women's luxury watches.

The ladies' Salvatore Ferragamo watch (£1,640) is a fun-loving piece of wristwear that reflects the personality of the wearer. The diamonds and bright pink bracelet are the most eye-catching elements of the watch, but look closer at the heart design, and discover the seconds counted by the two pieces tapping together.

Having a budget of around £1,500 is the perfect starting point for finding your ideal luxury watch, with brands large and small offering a selection of watches in this price range. Explore the full collections for men and women.

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