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How To Choose A Luxury Children’s Watch | The Watch Hut

Published: 23-06-2017

child playing with clock face

A child's first 'grown-up' watch can be a rite of passage, giving them a sense of maturity and independence. But kids are still kids, and if you're looking to buy them a luxury watch it's important to choose something durable that's both age-appropriate and a piece they'll be proud to show off.

Learning the key features to look out for when selecting a children's watch will give you an idea of how to choose a watch to suit your child's age and personality.

What to look for in a children's luxury watch

A children's luxury watch should be able to withstand all kid-centric activity, from the classroom to the playground. Watch strap and case material, water resistance, and the style of the watch face are key factors in finding the right match for your child.

  • Case material

Children's Tikkers Watch Tk0126

Plastic resin: Both light and durable, plastic is one of the most popular materials for children's watch cases as it's inexpensive and hardwearing. It's also a great alternative for children who are sensitive to metal.

Ideal for: Children of all ages, particularly young ones, who want a watch to wear in the classroom.

Metal: Though slightly heavier than watches with a plastic case, children's metal watches are usually made from stainless steel, which is strong and sturdy. It's a quality material that looks smart and can handle most kid-centric activity.

Ideal for: Older children who want to wear a watch all day long.

PVD plating: Some stainless steel cases are covered with a thin layer of metal - such as rose gold or black ion. This gives the watch a stylish look while still enjoying the highly-resistant benefits of stainless steel.

Ideal for: Formal occasions and for kids who have a stylish flair!

  • Strap material

Children's Lorus Watch Rrx43cx9

Silicone rubber: Soft, flexible, and stretchy, watches with silicone rubber straps can withstand busy activity and are comfortable to wear. In addition to being hardwearing, silicone is waterproof, making it one of the most common strap materials for children's watches.

Ideal for: Kids of all ages, especially those who like to get active outdoors.

Leather: Leather straps typically require a little bit more care and attention compared to other materials. The strap shouldn't be tugged or twisted, and even water-resistant leather straps should be kept from getting wet, as water will weaken the material in the long run. A leather strap will also need to be specially cleaned every few months with leather wax or oil.

Ideal for: Older children who want (and can take care of) a mature-looking watch.

Fabric: Fabric straps are lightweight and easy to wear. It's important to keep them away from water, as fabric can begin to smell and deteriorate if it gets wet too often. Children will also need to be careful not to get things like food or paint on a fabric strap, as certain substances may stain it.

Ideal for: Children who want a casual watch they can wear at school.

Metal: Metal straps are strong and hardwearing. Though slightly heavier than rubber, leather, and fabric watch straps, metal is highly resistant.

Ideal for: Older children who want a professional-looking watch.

Children's Ice-Watches feature a plastic watch case and silicone strap in a rainbow of bold and fun colours, for an ideal day-to-day timepiece. Cannibal children's watches include everything from leather and stainless steel to silicone and plastic, with a range of options to suit all sorts of little wrists.

  • Water resistance

Children's Ice-Watch Ice-Forever Mini Watch Si.Rd.M.S.13

Choosing a watch with the right level of water resistance is key, as it can be the deciding factor in whether a watch will survive all the activities a child has in store.

When referring to water resistance, 'metres' doesn't define how deep a watch can survive in water, but how much pressure it could stand if it was submerged at a certain depth. It's always vital to check the manufacturer guidelines to understand exactly what that means for a specific watch, but we've outlined the basics below:

No label/Not water resistant: Can't be exposed to water at all, and must be removed before activities like showering, playing in the rain, or washing the dishes.

Ideal for: Watches used for formal occasions and older children.

30 metres/3 ATM: Can handle a little bit of water from everyday use, such as rain or occasional splashes, but it shouldn't be worn in the bath or shower.

Ideal for: All children, especially those who spend time playing outside.

50 metres/5 ATM: Able to be covered by water: can be worn while swimming, but won't survive jumping or diving into the pool.

Ideal for: All children, especially those who are learning how to swim or are going on a holiday that involved poolside activity.

100 metres/10 ATM: Can be worn while swimming and shallow diving, but not for deep-water diving or high-board diving.

Ideal for: All children, especially sporty kids and intermediate swimmers.

200 metres/20 ATM: Will survive high impact water sports including diving and entry-level scuba diving (not deep sea diving).

Ideal for: Children who are serious swimmers.

Browse our splash-proof and swim-proof children's watches to find the right match.

  • Watch face and display

Childrens Cannibal Kids Watch Ck087-01

In addition to finding a watch that can withstand a child's busy lifestyle, it's also vital to choose one they'll enjoy using. Depending on their age and ability, finding the right display can be the difference between a watch that gets used, and one that sits on the shelf.

Easy reader watch: Each hour, from 1-12, is clearly printed in a simple and clean design, so it's easy for kids to read. Sometimes the minute-hand and the hour-hand will be different colours, to help children differentiate, and 5-minute intervals may be displayed on the outer edge of the face to help them read minutes.

Ideal for: Young children who are learning how to tell the time.

Contemporary kids' watch: Only the 3, 6, 9, and 12 hour intervals are displayed on the face, giving the watch a more sophisticated look. Sometimes it also displays 5-minute intervals on the outer edge of the face.

Ideal for: Children who are confident telling time.

Digital watch: Instead of a traditional analog display with rotating hands, these watches show the time in digital number format. They often have additional features, such as a timer, alarm, and stopwatch.

Ideal for: Children who really struggle with analog display or kids who want to keep track of sporting activity.

Classic display watch: Just as it sounds, a classic watch features an analog display with hour, minute, and second-hands. Available in a seemingly endless range of styles.

Ideal for: All children who want to show off their personality with a stylish watch!

Once you've determined the material, water resistance, and display that will suit your child, you can find a luxury watch that suits their personality. From cute cartoons on the face to brightly coloured straps, browse our huge selection of children's timepieces to start your kids off on a life-long love of watches.

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