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How To Buy A Luxury Ladies’ Watch | Watch Hut

Published: 23-06-2017

Raymond Weil Watches

Ladies' luxury watches showcase all of the detailing and quality found on the luxury market, tailored to suit a more feminine wrist.

There are a few key things to consider when buying your first luxury ladies' watch or choosing one for that special someone. We've outlined different styles of women's luxury watches, so you can find a timepiece that'll be treasured forever.

What are the different styles of ladies' luxury watches?

There are endless styles of ladies' luxury watches, with different colours, materials, details, and features to choose from. But generally, each watch falls into one of four main themes:

  1. Traditional: Traditional luxury watches feature the classic elements from men's luxury watches, designed to suit a daintier wrist. Often vintage-inspired, they tend to have a metal or leather bracelet and a simple face. Swiss designers like Tissot and Maurice Lacroix have perfected these styles.
  2. High fashion: The world of high fashion has always embraced a female audience, and many big designers have created a range of trendy luxury watches for women. Styles range from minimalist to extravagant, but always come with a famous fashion brand attached to them, like the upmarket ranges from Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.
  3. Formal: Formal ladies' luxury watches are designed for special occasions and often feature a standout element, such as diamonds or an intricate bracelet, without being too much of a statement piece. Typically made of precious metals, they're often dainty and sophisticated, perfect for pairing with an elegant outfit.
  4. Sport: Multi-function sports watches can measure time and performance, conveniently based on your wrist. Brands like Polar have both budget and luxury offerings, to suit all styles and fitness goals.

Read on to learn more about ladies' luxury watches, and explore some of our favourite styles.

Traditional ladies' luxury watches

Unisex Meistersinger Phanero Mechanical watch Ph303

Traditional luxury watches balance vintage design with high-quality craftmanship. Though styles vary based on the watchmaker, a traditional watch is usually easy to read, easy to wear, and oh-so elegantly designed.

Mechanical movement (where the watch must be wound manually) is the most traditional type of watch movement. It's also often considered to be the most luxurious, because it showcases the art and craftsmanship of the watchmaking tradition.

Raymond Weil Freelander Brit Awards 2015 watch

For a modern spin on a traditional design, this brightly coloured Raymond Weil watch takes all of the elements of a traditional design and modernises them for today's woman. It features Swiss automatic movement (where the mainspring is powered by the movement of the wearer's wrist) and a visible balance wheel, in a clear nod towards the classic design of mechanical watches.

High fashion ladies' watches

Watch: Ladies Versace Vanitas watch VK7030013

Many high fashion designers have entered the watch market, with timepieces available from the likes of Gucci, Burberry, DKNY, and Calvin Klein. The designs epitomise what the brands are best known for, so if you're drawn to the minimalist and modernist design of Calvin Klein, you'll love their stripped back watches.

One designer that has mastered the transition from clothing to watches is the ultra-glamorous Versace. The Vanitas watch (above) features a PVD gold plated case and black leather strap, in a luxurious timepiece that epitomises iconic Versace styling.

Formal ladies' luxury watches

Ladies Ebel Classic watch 1215271

Designed to be worn for special occasions, formal ladies' luxury watches usually have a metallic bracelet and simple face to create a clean finish.

In the Ebel Classic watch above, stainless steel and 18 carat gold is used across a two-tone bracelet, to create a sophisticated pattern. The mother of pearl dial adds depth and softens the metallic effect, making it ideal for a wedding or a ball.

Ladies Raymond Weil Noemia 32mm Diamond watch

For something a little more modern that still employs a formal style, watches that use one tone colouring can have a minimalist and contemporary effect (such as in the Raymond Weil design shown above). Additional touches can give a modern formal watch a real sense of luxury, such as the use of mother of pearl and diamond detailing.

Luxury ladies' sports watches

Ladies' Raymond Weil Nabucco Brit Awards 2014 Limited Edition Titanium Automatic Chronograph Diamond watch

Sports watches are equipped with a variety of features to help measure and analyse your fitness goals. These marvellous pieces of technology are available to suit all price points, and luxury sports watches are distinctive in both their style and capabilities.

Traditional sports watches often feature a chronograph, which can measure time like a stopwatch. They may also include sub-dials that can measure seconds, milliseconds, and distance. These amount to a face that looks complex and professional, but is still decidedly feminine.

Ladies' luxury watches, whether they're traditional, sports, high fashion, or formal, are a classic addition to your watch collection. Browse all ladies' luxury watches or take a look at our other luxury watch guides to find your perfect timepiece.

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