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Gift Ideas For The Special Woman In Your Life | The Watch Hut

Published: 09-10-2017

Mens Mühle Glashutte M29 Classic Automatic Watch M1-25-57-MB

Whether it's for her birthday, an anniversary or you just want to show her you care, a watch is a gift the special woman in your life will be able to treasure for years to come. But because it's such a personal accessory, it's important to choose a design that suits both her sense of style and her personality.

We've picked out some of the best watches for every woman, from sophisticated fashionistas to quirky girls alike, so you can find the perfect gift to show you know her better than anyone.

A gift for…Miss Sophisticated

If you're shopping for the girl whose shoes always match her nail polish, look for a sleek and simple design that's as effortlessly chic as she is. A watch with a metal bracelet and simple face will remain timeless and give a classy finish to any outfit.

Ladies' Calvin Klein Chic Watch

Calvin Klein is known for designing beautiful watches that have a refined sense of style - ideal for a sophisticated woman. The ladies' Calvin Klein Chic watch (£239) epitomises the brand's attitude, with a modern stainless steel bracelet and minimalistic black face. It's sure to add a bold edge to a suit-and-blouse combo while also looking smart with a cocktail dress and killer heels.

A gift for…The quirky girl

If you're trying to find the perfect gift for the girl who wears her personality on her sleeve, choose something unusual that will bring a touch of fun to her day. Brands like Orla Kiely and Olivia Burton are known for incorporating quirky features into their designs, using floral patterns and pretty colours to create a unique twist.

Ladies' New York Novelty Watch

Kate Spade gets playful with shapes in the ladies' New York Novelty watch (£179), which features a pair of funny little ears above the watch face to create a cat-shaped design. The pale pink strap and gold detailing give it a fun and feminine twist, which is sure to complement everything from jeans and t-shirt to a colourful sundress.

A gift for…The glam gal

Strong shapes, bold colours and a designer label are things to look out for when shopping for the glamorous woman. Luckily, high fashion designers have embraced the watch world and there are plenty of stylish names to choose from, including the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Guess and Juicy Couture.

Ladies' Parker Chronograph Watch

If you're looking to impress, you can't go wrong with a watch by Michael Kors - the Parker Chronograph watch (£111) is an undeniably glamorous example of everything the brand is known and loved for. The sapphire-blue strap is both classy and unique, while the jewel-encrusted gold face gives this watch a real wow-factor, making it ideal for both day and night.

A gift for…The Scandi-chic chick

If you're shopping for someone who always looks effortlessly cool, a Scandi-chic watch will be a guaranteed hit. Pieces by brands like Skagen and Kartel have a distinctive minimalist aesthetic, which is sure to appeal to ladies who like to channel a laid-back vintage vibe.

Ladies' Daisy Dixon Penny Watch

London-based Daisy Dixon adds a fun twist to the classic Scandinavian vibe, injecting unexpected colours, patterns and textures into their designs. The Penny watch (£45) has a little bit of everything - an understated leather strap and gold face give it a vintage-inspired appeal, while the geometric-floral print across the face adds a hint of art-deco flair, promising to add a unique spin to her everyday attire.

A gift for…The sportswoman

A watch can be a great companion for a woman who likes to get active in the great outdoors and there are plenty of smart and stylish options available. For the keen runner or hiker who might want to monitor her steps and heartrate, a Suunto model can track and feed data back through an app. Alternatively, if she's interested in nailing her fastest time, a Superdry chronograph can supply both accuracy and style.

Ladies' Lacoste Goa Watch

If it's the sporty aesthetic you're looking for, Lacoste is an iconic brand that perfectly captures what it means to look good while you're moving fast. The Goa watch (£50) is unapologetically girly, showcasing the iconic crocodile motif across the strap and on the hot-pink face. A durable rubber strap makes it a hardy option for workouts, while the bold colours and fun design mean it looks just as cool when she's chilling out afterwards.

The woman you're shopping for deserves a watch that looks great and suits her unique personality, so she can wear it regularly and think of you when she does - you'll know the one when you see it. Browse the full range of ladies' watches or check out our guide on how to buy a ladies' luxury watch for more inspiration.

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