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Everything You Need To Know About Two-toned Watches | The Watch Hut

Published: 08-01-2018

Mens Movado Thin Classic Watch 0606689

Men's Movado Thin Classic (RRP £1,100)

AW2017 has been all about the 1980s. From the nostalgia of Stranger Things to the revival of synths in the charts and mom jeans on the high street, it's all about maximalist fashion with a hint of throwback fun. Which is why two-toned watches are so on trend right now.

Epitomising everything we love about the '80s, a two-toned watch can dress up your look or give your outfit a casual-cool edge. We've picked out some of our favourite designs, to help you get into the vintage spirit.

Classic extravagance: Silver and gold

Silver and gold two-toned watches blend two classic metals to create the ultimate luxury look. Bright and eye-catching without being too loud, the neutral colouring means you can pair them with virtually any ensemble while indulging in a bit of extravagance.

Mens Tissot PR100 Chronograph Watch T1014172203100

Men's Tissot Pr100 chronograph (RRP £380)

The men's Pr100 chronograph (RRP £380) by Tissot is a classic example of the two-toned trend, with a bold gold stripe and gold-rimmed face offset by the cool, silver bracelet. It's a flashy piece that will bring a touch of personality to your standard suit-and-tie getup.

Ladies Skagen Ancher Watch 355SSGS

Ladies' Skagen Ancher watch (RRP £83)

Offering a decidedly elegant take on the two-toned trend, the ladies' Ancher watch (RRP £83) by Skagen has a feminine quality, thanks to the delicate blend of silver and gold stripes on the bracelet and the double-rimmed face.

The classic colouring makes it great for pairing with everything from office attire to a smart-casual weekend ensemble.

Feel warm and rosy: Rose gold two-toned watches

Rose gold is still having a moment, and you can bring a modern edge to your outfit with a two-toned watch that incorporates the coppery shade. It pairs effortlessly with yellow gold and silver, and will add a touch of warmth to your ensemble.

Ladies Michael Kors SLIM RUNWAY Watch MK3493

Ladies' Michael Kors Slim watch (RRP £120)

The ladies' Michael Kors Slim watch (RRP £120) almost glows, with a perfect balance of pink and red rose gold tones. The minimalist design on the face has a contemporary-cool quality, great for women who want a watch that will dress up their office attire while looking just as good with jeans and a graphic t-shirt.

Mens Louis Erard Heritage Day Date Watch 15920AB11.BMA41

Men's Louis Erard Heritage day date watch (RRP £840)

The use of rose gold on the bracelet and face turns the Heritage day date watch (RRP £840) by Louis Erard into a striking statement piece. Warm copper contrasts against bright silver in an ultra-modern nod to the two-toned trend. Pair it with a navy-blue, slim-fit suit to complete the look.

Into the blue: Two-toned watches with a moody hue

A blue watch can bring an instant hit of sophistication to your outfit. And because it's such a versatile colour, blue pairs nicely with almost every metallic shade, making it the perfect ingredient to throw into the mix with a two-toned design.

Mens Casio Edifice World Time Alarm Chronograph Watch EFR-304PG-2AVUEF

Men's Casio Edifice world time alarm chronograph (RRP £160)

The men's Edifice world time alarm chronograph watch (RRP £160) by Casio is arguably a three-toned watch, with its navy blue face, rose-gold case, and silver bracelet. The colours contrast and blend together in a striking combination, great for a man who wants to make a bold statement.

Ladies Halcyon Days Watch HD4010

Ladies' Halcyon Days two-toned watch (RRP £175)

Satin blue and creamy gold create a luxury feel in this two-toned ladies' watch (RRP £175) by Halcyon Days. The vintage-inspired pattern gives it an air of formality - channel a bit of Old Hollywood glamour with a sleek, navy dress and matching gold jewellery.

Steely modern: Shades of grey

Both neutral and sophisticated, grey can blend in or stand out, depending on how you style it. Two-toned watches that incorporate shades of grey have an edgy appeal, giving the trend an unexpected and modern spin.

Ladies Accurist Chronograph Watch LB211GR

Ladies' Accurist chronograph watch (RRP £150, sale price £63.75)

Two of the year's trendiest tones come together in the ladies' Accurist chronograph watch (RRP £150, sale price £63.75), to create an ultra-cool timepiece that's understatedly feminine. It'll look smart with a charcoal power-suit, as well as dress up your favourite jeans-and-trainers combo.

Mens TW Steel Canteen 45mm Watch CB0201

Men's TW Steel Canteen watch (RRP £325)

Bold, sporty, and masculine, the men's Canteen watch (RRP £325) by TW Steel contrasts bright silver and dark grey to make a robust statement. The versatile colouring makes this watch work with shirt sleeves and short sleeves alike, great for guys with a low-key style.

Whether you want to embrace the '80s full on or add a subtle hint of vintage cool to your look, a two-toned watch will bring a bit of intrigue to your wardrobe. Browse the full range of two-toned watches to find the right piece for you.

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