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All You Need To Know About Maurice Lacroix Watches | The Watch Hut

Published: 03-11-2017

Mens Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Automatic Watch PT6248-SS001-330-1

Men's Pontos S Diver Automatic (£2,420)

Maurice Lacroix may be relatively young in terms of Swiss watchmaking brands, having been established in 1975. However, the Maurice Lacroix name very quickly forged a place for itself at the top of the Swiss-made luxury watch market, developing an innovative style that combines traditional precision craftsmanship with the latest technologies and creative ideals.

Maurice Lacroix has an international presence that spans over 60 countries and more than 4,000 points of sale. Maurice Lacroix watch prices at The Watch Hut span from the affordable yet stylish Eliros line for men (£490) and women (£445), to the latest in the Pontos range at £3,630.

1975 launch

The Maurice Lacroix watches brand was launched in 1975 as part of the much older Desco von Schulthess company based in Zurich. The roots of Desco are originally within the silk trade, but from 1946 the company branched out into the luxury watch market, representing brands including Heuer and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

An assembly facility was acquired by Desco in 1961 in Saignelégier in Jura to produce watches for third parties, which would later become the base of operations for Maurice Lacroix watches. The brand Maurice Lacroix was launched in 1975, named for one of the board members of Desco.

Ladies Maurice Lacroix Miros Date Watch MI1014-SS002-130-1

Ladies' Miros Date Watch (£795)

1980 - 1990

The '80s were a successful time for the new Maurice Lacroix watch brand. By the beginning of the decade, Maurice Lacroix watches were so popular that the Saignelégier facility ceased production of other third party private label watches.

In 1989, watch case maker Queloz S.A. was acquired by Maurice Lacroix, making the brand virtually unique among Swiss luxury watchmakers through having its own in-house case production facility.

Mens Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Automatic Watch PT6248-SS001-330-1

Men's Pontos S Diver Automatic(£2,420)

1990 - 2000

The launch of the Les Mécaniques watch line in the '90s saw Maurice Lacroix escalate its already rapid ascent to the top of the luxury watch market. The line, which was later renamed the Masterpiece Collection, began the tradition of creating watches with innovative and surprising functions and complications for which the Maurice Lacroix brand is best known today.

Ladies Maurice Lacroix Fiaba Diamond Watch FA2164-SS002-150

Ladies' Fiaba Diamond Watch (£1,590)

2000 - Today

Since the turn of the millennium, Maurice Lacroix has made leaps and bounds as an innovative quality manufacturer of luxury Swiss watches. In 2006, the first full in-house movement was introduced. The Masterpiece Le Chronographe was to be the first in a long line of manufacture movements for Maurice Lacroix, including the first Maurice Lacroix automatic watch movement introduced in 2011. The intricate complications introduced to Maurice Lacroix watches include moonphase technology, retrograde displays, chronographs and a memory function.

Mens Maurice Lacroix Eliros Chronograph Watch EL1098-SS002-310-1

Men's Eliros Chronograph Watch (£670)

Synergising the Best of Old and New

One of the brand characteristics of which Maurice Lacroix is most proud, and one which understandably appeals to a young, on-trend demographic, is the synergising of the best of old and new. Traditional craftsmanship, old-school design values, and classic proportions are combined with contemporary aesthetics and modern technologies. This mix of old and new, serious and sexy in the Maurice Lacroix wrist watch, has a sharp appeal that is both business-like and fashionable.

Ladies Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Tradition Automatic Watch LC6063-SS002-110-1

Ladies' Les Classiques Tradition Automatic Watch(£2,065)

Attention to Detail

Every single component of every single watch is created in-house by the Maurice Lacroix experts, utilising not only knowledge passed down through generations of watchmakers but also the latest CNC technology. This expertise and equipment results in an attention to detail that is not often found elsewhere.

The complexity of the Maurice Lacroix mechanical timepieces emphasises the creative drive of the brand, with each individual part crafted to the most exacting standards, no matter how tiny that part happens to be.

Mens Maurice Lacroix Pontos Day/Date Automatic Watch PT6158-SS001-43E-1

Men's Pontos Day / Date Automatic Watch (£1,850)

Sponsorships / Celebrity Endorsements

The Maurice Lacroix brand has collaborated with several respected celebrities in recent years. Musician Bob Geldof, golfer Justin Rose, internet entrepreneur Jimmy Wales and actor Ray Stevenson are just some of the names that have endorsed Maurice Lacroix watches.

The brand is also the official watch partner for both the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and for FC Barcelona. The Aikon is the favourite piece of Australian Olympic swimmer James Magnussen.

Mens Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph Watch AI1018-PVY11-132-1

Men's Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph Watch (£975)

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