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How To Buy A Ladies’ Gucci Watch | The Watch Hut

Published: 28-08-2017

Ladies Gucci G-Timeless Watch

Choosing a ladies' Gucci watch might seem like a simple task, but with such a beautiful variety on offer, it can be tricky to decide which style is right for you! To help you get started, we've chosen a selection of ladies' Gucci watches that best represent the main designs and styles available, helping you to pick your perfect high fashion timepiece.

Getting to know Gucci

Founded in 1921 in Florence, Italy, Gucci began as a luxury leather store, employing the city's experienced leather workers to create fashion items made from the finest materials, and with intense attention to detail.

By expanding its product range into the wider fashion field, but with the same attentive detail that established the store, Gucci became the go-to fashion house for the rich, famous, and fabulous from the 1950s onwards. Today, Gucci continues to be a luxury fashion house that creates wearable pieces that are adored across the world.

Gucci watches show how the brand has dominated every field of fashion it's chosen to expand into - few fashion brands are as respected in the field as Gucci.

A ladies' Gucci watch is a luxurious accessory that is beautiful inside and out. Maintaining the attention to detail that founded the brand, there are multiple designs to choose from that take the best from fashion design, and integrate them with traditional watch craftmanship.

Ladies' Gucci Interlocking G Watch

Ladies' Interlocking G Watch

Looking for a watch that is unmistakably Gucci? Look no further than the ladies' Interlocking G watch. The large face is framed with Gucci's iconic G design, coloured in various shades of bronze to create a timeless aesthetic.

The bronzed leather strap is narrowly cut, creating an elegant finish that perfectly flatters a delicate wrist. This watch will look great in both formal and relaxed occasions, and adds a simple elegance to the right outfit.

Ladies' Gucci Horsebit Diamond watch

Ladies' Gucci Horsebit Diamond Watch

Gucci may have begun as a leather supplier, but the brand has made waves in the watch market with elegant metallic designs. The ladies' Gucci Horsebit Diamond watch is a wonderful example, with an intricate metal bracelet making this timepiece as much of a fashion statement as a timekeeping device.

The multi-tonal mother of pearl dial is set with diamonds, and the rose gold PVD case makes it a luxury watch that's perfect for formal occasions. It shouldn't be missing from any fashion lover's accessory collection.

Ladies' Gucci Diamantissima watch

 Diamantissima Medium Watch

Gucci watches aren't all about overt extravagance - some of Gucci's most popular designs are the most simplistic. The Italian-inspired look of the Diamantissima medium watch features black and gold colouring to create a luxurious daily piece that adds everyday elegance.

The leather strap and black dial take inspiration from classic Italian design, while the rose gold plated case adds luxury detailing to an otherwise simple watch. Ideal for any woman who appreciates elegant design.

Ladies' Gucci G-Timeless watch

Ladies' Gucci G-Timeless Watch

Gucci's most current leading collection is the G-Timeless range. Defined by leather and embroidery, the collection draws inspiration from its Florentine roots, using the materials that made the brand great.

This particular watch is a cuff-style piece that looks dramatic even without the Gucci iconography (which can be found elsewhere in the collection). It's the perfect watch for those who like to keep on top of fashion trends, but also suits those looking for a timeless accessory that makes a style statement.

Gucci is a fashion brand that takes its designs very seriously. Any ladies' Gucci watch is bound to delight the wearer, thanks to the high-quality materials used, and a timekeeping accuracy that can be trusted. Explore the full Gucci collection at The Watch Hut.

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