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Discover Junghans Watches At The Watch Hut |The Watch Hut

Published: 12-02-2018

Ladies Junghans Max Bill Watch 047/4540.00

Ladies' Junghans Max Bill Damen (RRP £490)

Stylish and steeped in history, Junghans has become one of the world's trendiest watch brands, renowned for minimalist designs with a Euro-inspired twist.

To celebrate the brand's arrival at Watch Hut we've handpicked several timepieces from their collection, which showcase the unique Junghans style, including their iconic and in-demand Max Bill range.

The Junghans story

The brand can be traced back as far as 1861, when Erhard Junghans and his brother-in-law founded a clock component company in Germany's Black Forest. By 1903, the company was the world's biggest watch and clock manufacturing company, with 3,000 employees who produced more than 3 million timepieces each year.

Fast forward to 2018 and the watchmaking industry has changed drastically, but Junghans' commitment to producing beautifully crafted timepiece collections with pinpoint precision remains intact. Defined by clean designs and a refined style that's undeniably theirs, Junghans has made good use of over 150 years of experience to deliver innovation to rival their Swiss contemporaries.

Men's Junghans Meister Classic

Mens Junghans Meister Classic Automatic Watch 027/7312.00

Men's Junghans Meister Classic automatic watch (RRP £1,380)

The classic dress watch is given a modern spin with the handsome Junghans Meister Classic (RRP £1,380). Fastened with a smooth black leather strap, the relatively stark white dial adds a contemporary twist.

With rose gold on the hands, hour markers, and case, it's a watch that works well in causal settings and formal occasions alike.

Men's Junghans Meister pilot chronograph

Mens Junghans Meister Pilot Chronograph Watch 027/3590.00

Men's Junghans Meister Pilot chronograph (RRP £2,140)

Junghans was commissioned to produce a service watch for German pilots of the Bundeswehr in 1955, which led to the release of the celebrated pilot chronograph. The Meister pilot chronograph (RRP £2,140) is a modern version of the iconic watch and comes packed with all the features an aviator would need.

Its scratch-resistant sapphire glass has an antireflective coating to ensure optimum vision, while the chunky, luminous hands and hour markers allow readability in dark conditions. The case is set with a unique cog-shaped bidirectional turning bezel and fastened with a sturdy black leather strap.

Men's Junghans Meister Driver chronoscope

Mens Junghans Meister Driver Chronoscope Automatic Chronograph Watch 027/3685.00

Men's Junghans Meister Driver chronoscope (RRP £1,900)

Inspired by the charm and elegance of 1930s vintage cars, the Meister Driver Chronoscope (RRP £1,900) has an irresistible throwback charm. The design is modelled most closely upon the Maybach DS 8 Zeppelin, which was a luxury vehicle driven by the elite.

The soft, scarlet leather strap evokes the interior of the classic car, while the dial is a replication of the speedometer and dashboard clocks. It's a timeless piece that automotive enthusiasts will adore.

Junghans Max Bill collection

Mens Junghans max bill Automatic Watch 027/4701.00

Men's Junghans Max Bill automatic watch (RRP £915)

It's been more than 50 years since Max Bill first designed a watch for Junghans, and 24 years since he passed away, but the memory of the multi-talented Swiss architect lives on in the iconic Max Bill collection.

Bill's signature minimalist style fits Junghans like a glove, and this is evident through each piece in the much-sought after and highly collectible range.

Ladies' Max Bill Damen

Ladies Junghans Max Bill Watch 047/4540.00

Ladies' Junghans Max Bill Damen (RRP £490)

Simplicity is the key to perfection in this beautiful Max Bill Damen (£490) timepiece. Fastened with a soft blue calfskin leather strap, the stark white dial is peppered with light grey minute markers and blue numbers.

The curved SICRALAN coated plexiglass remains true to Max Bill's original design, making this watch a lot tougher than it looks. It's an elegant and colourful piece that will brighten up your everyday ensemble.

Men's Junghans Max Bill 2017 edition clock gift set

Mens Junghans Max Bill 2017 Edition Clock Gift Set Alarm 363/2715.00

Men's Junghans Max Bill 2017 edition clock gift set (RRP £980)

Max Bill's reputation as one of Europe's best timepiece designers is captured perfectly in this gift set (RRP £980). Limited to just 222 pieces, the set includes a chic freestanding clock which echoes the original stark face and sharp font of the 1960's design.

The reverse of the clock features a colourful painting by Bill, alongside his distinctive signature. It makes an excellent addition to the contemporary home and is sure to draw plenty of compliments.

Mens Junghans Max Bill 2017 Edition Clock Gift Set Alarm 363/2715.00

Men's Junghans Max Bill 2017 edition clock gift set (RRP £980)

The watch mirrors the design of the clock, with its fuss-free dial and classic, soft black leather strap. Flip it over and you'll see the strap is a striking blue colour, while the back of the case is emblazoned with Bill's colourful design. It makes an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates modern art.

Junghans is the perfect brand for anyone who appreciates a subtle approach to style and design. Explore the entire Junghans collection at The Watch Hut, where you'll find close to 80 unforgettable timepieces for both men and women.

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