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Choosing A Diving Watch For A Loved One | The Watch Hut

Published: 05-02-2018

Mens Hamilton Khaki Frogman 42mm Automatic Watch H77605335

Men's Hamilton Frogman 42mm watch (RRP £870)

A classic style that's lasted decades, diver's watches are popular for both their form and function. Choosing a diver's watch as a gift for the one you love might seem complicated - especially if they plan to actually dive with the watch - but with our help, the purchasing process will be smooth sailing.

What to look for in a dive watch

Unisex Davosa Apnea Diver Automatic Watch 16156955

Unisex DAVOSA Apnea watch (RRP £945)

There are features that are essential whether your loved one simply likes the diving design, or wants to get their watch wet. Choosing well will all but guarantee that their gift is well received.

  • Water resistance

No watch can truly call itself a diver's watch without a certain level of water resistance. Often the deeper the depth level, the higher the price of the watch. So, if you're looking for style more than substance, don't worry too much about depth, but do check that the watch is water resistant.

If you think the watch will be used for diving, the specific water resistance is important. A resistance of around 200 metres is the most highly recommended, though you can get them for deeper levels that suit more specialist needs.

  • A rotating bezel

The rotating bezel, which frames the watch's face, is arguably the most recognisable feature of a diving watch, and as such, one of the most important parts to get right. A traditional diving watch bezel will rotate both ways, and feature bright markers at the 12 positions.

This isn't just a fashion statement, though very attractive bezel designs are available. Divers can use the bezel to gauge time spent under water, which is essential for maintaining awareness of oxygen levels.

  • A considered strap

Where standard watch straps are defined by style and comfort, diving watches must also consider practicality in size adjustment and corrosion resistance.

The size of the strap needs to accommodate for wear with a wetsuit, as well as fitting comfortably against the skin out of water. Some metal bracelets come with an extendable positioning feature to adjust accordingly, while rubber straps can be extended manually.

Corrosion resistance is essential, as the salt water of the sea can take its toll. The main way to overcome this is to maintain and clean the watch regularly to avoid salt build-up, but choosing a strap that can be easily cleaned and is marked as corrosion resistant is extra security.

Top picks for diving watches

There are endless styles of diving watches available in men's, women's, and unisex designs. We've compiled our top picks to give you an overview of what to expect when browsing diving watches, with price ranges for most budgets.

  1. Men's Oris Diver's Sixty-Five

Mens Oris Divers Sixty-Five Automatic Watch 0173377074064-0742018

Men's Oris Diver's Sixty-Five (RRP £1,270)

This sporty-looking dive watch from Oris (RRP £1,270) is subtly elegant for wearing casually, as well as functional beneath the waves. Based on the original Oris diving watch released some 50 years ago, the traditional bezel is easy to read, with clear, bright time markers on the face.

The 60s-inspired bubble-curved glass across the face isn't just there for aesthetics; it magnifies the time, and reduces glare underwater. To top it all off, this 100-metre water resistant watch includes anti-corrosive stainless steel and a black rubber strap for comfortable wear.

  1. Ladies' Rodania Dive watch

Ladies Rodania Dive Ladies Bracelet Watch RF2625445

Ladies' Rodania Dive watch (RRP £145)

The elegant diving watch for women from Rodania (RRP £145) is ideal for those just starting to get serious about diving. Water resistant to 100 metres, it features easy-to-read time markers against a simple, black face, and is framed by a sporty red bezel.

The colouring of this women's dive watch is ideal for on land and underwater, as the bright red splash of colour is practical as it makes timekeeping quick and easy at a glance, as well as fun. With a reasonable price tag, this entry-level piece is a no-brainer.

  1. Men's Hamilton Frogman 42mm watch

Mens Hamilton Khaki Frogman 42mm Automatic Watch H77605335

Men's Hamilton Frogman 42mm watch (RRP £870)

There aren't many watches as iconic as Hamilton's Frogman range (RRP £870). Created for the US Navy, and made famous by the 1951 big screen feature, The Frogmen, the Frogman has been updated with the latest in diving and watch-making technology, making it one of the leading diver's watches available on the market.

With impressive water resistance to 300 metres, the clear face and bezel are designed to be used in the murkiest conditions, and the screw-down crown ensures the interior of the watch is constantly protected against the elements. The sapphire crystal case protects against scratches, and the rubber strap is designed for comfort and long-lasting wear.

  1. Unisex DAVOSA Apnea watch

Unisex Davosa Apnea Diver Automatic Watch 16156955

Unisex DAVOSA Apnea watch (RRP £945)

Designed with freedivers in mind, this unisex watch from DAVOSA (RRP £945) has subtle adjustments from a traditional diver's watch to bring more focus to the things that matter to freediving enthusiasts.

The watch is water resistant to 200 metres, and the casing has a special feature designed to make time breathing exercises easier to clock. It's also possible to pull the watch case completely clear of the strap and stand it upright. A novelty for some but important for freedivers when it comes to practising breathing exercises.

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