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A Guide To Louis Erard Watches | The Watch Hut

Published: 19-01-2018

Louis Erard Watch

Swiss watch company Louis Erard has been creating beautiful mechanical watches since 1931 and has mastered the market when it comes to accessibly-priced Swiss timekeeping.

With a foot firmly placed in the brand's origins, Louis Erard has managed to stand the test of time by blending authentic Swiss mechanisms with ageless style. We've compiled a selection of our favourite pieces that represent what this brand has to offer, with flawless watches for both men and women.

The Louis Erard touch

Often cited as the watch-making capital of the world, Switzerland has countless big-name watch makers offering mechanical watches. However, none are quite like Louis Erard.

With a philosophy that focuses on the wearer, the company follows a mission of providing fine Swiss craftsmanship to an audience who require affordability, but don't want to compromise on quality. For those who love the traditional nature of a mechanical watch, and the ritual that comes with this charming form of timekeeping, a Louis Erard watch is the perfect choice.

The Heritage collection

Mens Louis Erard Heritage Automatic Watch 78289AA02.BMA08

Designed with the modern man in mind, the Louis Erard Heritage collection takes decades of experience and creates something completely new.

This black and silver model (RRP £1,780.00) features two sub dials and a date window, elegantly framed by simple and sharp time markers. The colouring finishes the look, creating a timepiece that's simultaneously eye-catching and minimalist.

The 1931 collection

Mens Louis Erard 1931 Ultra Thin Mechanical Watch 47217AA11.BEP01

Designed to pay tribute to the very first watch created and released by Louis Erard, the 1931 collection features beautifully designed vintage timepieces.

The 1931 Ultra Thin (RRP £1,195.00) is a lightweight model that's ideal for daily wear. The brown leather strap is flattered by gold time markers, while the sub dial and glossy face add old-school cool that you can only find on a classic luxury watch.

The Romance collection

Ladies Louis Erard Romance 4 Seasons Box Set Watch 19830AA01.SETAA1

It's only relatively recently that Louis Erard added women's watches to their collection, but the results have been worth the wait.

The Romance collection, which includes the Four Seasons box set (RRP £845.00), comes with four stunning leather straps to match the watch with your look. Red patent is undoubtedly the most eye-catching of the four, and the simple, clean, and classic face will ensure that whatever your style, your Louis Erard watch will look just right.

The Excellence collection

Mens Louis Erard Excellence Moonphase Automatic Chronograph Watch 80231AA21.BDC51

The Excellence collection is arguably the finest range of watches offered by Louis Erard, created to mark the 80th anniversary of the brand. Featuring the iconic blue hands best associated with the watch maker's timepieces, each piece is a true example of what makes Swiss watches so revered around the world.

The Moonphase Automatic watch (RRP £2,450.00) is a must-have for any real watch lover, thanks to the whimsical-meets-classic styling. It's the type of watch that will be treasured throughout a lifetime - and because of its ageless design, it'll look fresh year on year.

Louis Erard watches capture the beauty of Swiss timekeeping, with their traditional designs and intricate details. Explore each of these collections and many more with The Watch Hut's Louis Erard watch range.

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