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A Guide To Certina Watches | The Watch Hut

Published: 02-02-2018

Certina watch

Since entering the world-renowned Swiss watchmaking industry 130 years ago, Certina has always pioneered reliable and robust craftmanship.

Today, Certina creates sporty, dressy, and modern watches for ladies and gents. To showcase this market leader in Swiss luxury watches, we've handpicked a selection of timepieces that we feel perfectly represent the brand. Learn about the brand's heritage, explore some of our favourite watches, and get ready to join the Certina tradition.

Certina: History and heritage

Ladies Certina DS Podium Chronograph Watch C0252171601800

From humble beginnings in 1888, it didn't take long for Alfred Kurth and his brother Adolf to make the transition from building high-quality watch parts to creating full timepieces. In 1906, the Kurth brothers launched Grana, one of the first wristwatch brands on the market, and business began to boom.

In 1939, the iconic Certina brand was born, with a strong focus on durability and precision that piqued the interest of the sporting industry. This reputation was sealed in 1959 with the launch of the revolutionary Double Security (DS) concept, which was designed to withstand the extremes, such as deep-sea diving, skydiving, and mountaineering.

In 2005, Certina began its partnership with F1 racing, where pinpoint accuracy and reliability is essential. This partnership has led to the creation of some stunning timepiece collections that look good both on and off the track.

Timeless class: Certina dress watches

Ladies Certina DS Podium Chronograph Watch C0252171601800

The Certina ladies' DS Podium chronograph watch (RRP £430) combines timeless design with sporty features to create a versatile piece that's both strikingly beautiful and reliable. The sleek, tortoiseshell leather strap and stainless-steel case give the watch a classic feel, which is enhanced further by the vintage Roman numerals.

The chronograph feature and three corresponding sub-dials lend a modern aesthetic, while the sapphire crystal completes a dress watch that stands out from the crowd.

Mens Certina DS-8 Precidrive Moonphase Chronograph Watch C0334501603100

Thanks to Certina's Precidrive technology, the men's DS-8 Moonphase chronograph (RRP £610) is 10x more accurate than your traditional quartz timepiece - and it also excels in the looks department. The chocolate brown leather strap and robust stainless-steel case have a timeless appeal, while the face beautifully blends the old with the new.

For a modern twist on the DS-8 Moonphase, the black and rose version completely transforms the watch, to appeal to the more fashion-conscious wearer.

Precision and sophistication: Certina sport watches

Mens Certina DS Podium Big Size Precidrive WRC Limited Edition Chronograph Watch C0016471720710

If you take your timepieces as seriously as your rallycross, this limited-edition men's Certina DS Podium Precidrive watch (RRP £725) was made for you. The chunky black rubber strap bears the iconic Certina logo, and gives way to a sturdy ceramic and stainless-steel case that contains the brand's cutting-edge DS technology, for lasting protection.

Thermo-compensation, scratch-resistant sapphire, and a complex system of seals protect the watch against moisture, while the sporty face has wealth of features including a tachymeter and chronograph. The harmonious black, green, and silver colour scheme completes one of the best-looking sports watches the brand has ever produced.

Ladies Certina DS Prime Chronograph Watch C0042171103600

This ladies' Certina DS Prime Chronograph (RRP £455) has all the features a serious sportswoman needs, while also being pretty enough to blend well with a number of casual and smart-casual looks.

The stainless-steel case and Double Security features make it shock-resistant enough to withstand a mountain bike journey in the roughest terrains, while three tiny jewels in place of the number 12 give it a subtle feminine touch.

Contemporary and cool: Modern Certina watches

Mens Certina DS Podium Precidrive Chronograph Watch C0344173605700

With its tan leather strap and black and gold colour scheme, the men's DS Podium Precidrive chronograph (RRP £420)will appeal to active guys who have a modern sense of style. Featuring oversized gold numbers and hands, as well as three handy sub-dials, it's another eye-catching example of Certina's ability to create distinctive watches that blend masculinity with elegance.

Ladies Certina DS Dream Diamond Watch C0212101105600

The ladies' Certina DS Dream Diamond watch (RRP £395) makes for a perfect everyday watch that can also shine in the evening, thanks to its subtle jewelled detailing. Fastened with a glossy, stainless-steel bracelet, the slick black face is lined with an oversized 3, 9 and 12, with tiny dot diamonds replacing the rest of the numbers.

Certina watches have been a Swiss staple for generations and show no signs of losing their ability to produce elegant timepieces that harness the best of then and now. Browse the full collection of men's and women's Certina timepieces and discover an accessory you can treasure for years to come.

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