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Swatch Unveils Brand New SISTEM 51

At this year's Basel World Swatch unveiled the SISTEM 51 a brand new automatic watch they hope will revolutionise the world of watches like the original Swatch did back in 1983. The SISTEM 51 features the world’s first Swiss mechanical movement which is assembled through an automated process enabling it to be mass produced. Usually watches with mechanical movements have to be assembled by hand for exact precision which contributes to the hefty price tags.


However by managing to reduce the componants to just 51 Swatch have made it easy for the watches to be assembled by machine. The case is made from a copper, nickel and zinc alloy case which is also anti-magnetic. This means that the central movement inside never needs adjusting and  all the components connect to a single screw which results in less wear and tear over time. This means that in theory the SISTEM 51 is a watch that never needs maintance. This belief that the watch can last a life time is hopefully true as the case is hermetically sealed to keep the mechanics working smoothly. Which means it can not be opened to get inside. While Swatch have yet to set a retail price they hope it can retail for just a few hundred pounds. It will also be customised with bright colours and watch face designs inline with the rest of the Swatch line.

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