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Swatch Kidrobot Watches Unveiled at the Watch Hut
With Christmas less than ten weeks away, what better time to receive a special free gift alongside a colourful new Swatch watch?

Thanks to the brand new collaboration between Kidrobot and Swatch becoming available at the Watch Hut, anyone buying one of these eight special watches will be able to enjoy an accompanying Kidrobot toy as part of a fun gift set.

The eight new watch designs represent the outcome of Swatch’s artistic involvement with the team behind Kidrobot, a brand that promotes itself as the world’s premier creator of designer toys.

The eight designs are bold, colourful and wonderfully zany. They are joined by a single toy each, all of which are shaped as bunny rabbits – but decidedly oddball bunnies.

Each Kidrobot bunny toy has distinct colouring matched by the design of the watch it is paired with – compare, for instance, the Tic Tic Boom watch which features a subtle nod to Che Guevara on the dial (and is paired with a bunny in camouflage) with the pattern of eyes decorating the strap of the Eyes are Watching watch (associated with a bunny that boasts three eyes).

Since it became a big hit in the 1980s, Swatch has built a reputation for its collaborations with cutting edge artists. The brand has recently worked with artists including Rankin, Jeremy Scott and Hiroyuki Matsuura in an effort to create special edition models that really push the brand forward in a credible way.

The Kidrobot collaboration brings together designs by various artists, including Spanish-born Frank Kozik and Kansas-based illustrator MAD, to create its unusually unique watches.

View the Swatch Kidrobot watches collection, available now from the Watch Hut.

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