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Smart watches set to Become The Must Have Item of 2014

It is estimated that the global smart watch market could well exceed five million shipments next year according to forecasts from the research company Canalys. The company which is an independent analyst firm provides insights into the technology industry.


2013 has already seen the Pebble quickly become one of the market leaders. Now Canalys has estimated that over 333,000 smart watches were shipped in 2012 and that the majority of these were either Sony or Motorola. It is believed the amount of smart watches that will be shipped this year alone will exceed 500,000 units. This has led to the company believing next year will see around 5,000,000 units shipped.
Part of the increase in smart watches is down to the belief that there will be an increase in smartphones when companies such as Apple and Samsung launch a brand new generation of smartphones. The report believes these new models will offer consumers much more intricate soft wear and better looking features than products currently available on the market.  They also believe there will be an increase in opportunities for developers to write health and fitness apps for the watches.

However the report highlighted that there are still a few issues with smart watches as they need to be made both fashionable and functionable and will need to feature custom software.  There will also be issues deriving from the power limitations of smart watch batteries.
James Wang an analyst for Canalys spoke of how smart watches must compliment smartphones while still being there own viable product: "An effective smart watch won’t just be a second screen for a smart phone. Creating a competent developer platform specifically for the form factor will be an enormous challenge. Google and Microsoft must execute more successfully than they have done with their tablet platforms and will have to adapt their business models appropriately."

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