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There are few watch brands that can boast that they are worn on a daily basis in the deep ocean depths and in space, but one of those brands is Omega watches.

A recent mission, expedition 28, saw the International Space Station soaring high above the Earth whilst the crew unloaded items from the newly arrived ISS Progress 43 cargo ship.

The astronauts packed some items for return to Earth aboard the space shuttle Atlantis during the upcoming STS-135 mission to the station. This final flight of Atlantis and of the space shuttle program is slated for a July 8 launch. The crew members also engaged in several science activities.

The ISS is still under construction. Its on-orbit construction began in 1998 and is scheduled to be completed by 2011, with operations continuing until at least 2015. The station is the largest artificial satellite in Earth orbit and it can be seen from the Earth with the naked eye.

The official watch of the ISS is the Omega watches Speedmaster Professional X-33, a watch developed to NASA's strict requirements with the help of astronauts and professional pilots, which has proven its reliability repeatedly.

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