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Breitling Watches Jet Team In Middle East

The world’s largest professional civilian aviation display team – The Breitling Watches Jet Team - led by top pilot, Jacques Bothelin has stunned large crowds all over Europe with its precision aeronautical maneuvers.

The Dijon, France based outfit currently fly the Aero L-39C Albatros and the teams leader Bothelin is one of the world’s most experienced display pilots; he has been displaying for 30 years, and has given over 2,600 displays in 28 countries,

But with the shift to more Autumnal weather in the Northern hemisphere, the number of air shows decreases. This means a change of venue for the team who are now offering a number of shows to residents of the Middle East.

The winter tour has so far taken in Israel and Jordan and in Beirut.

For a spellbinding 25 minutes, the seven jets – sponsored by Swiss manufacturer Breitling Watches – flew in synchronized formations over the Lebanese city. The Breitling Watches Jet Team demonstrated high-speed barrel rolls, loops, vertical splits and apache rolls whilst reaching speeds of over 450 miles per hour.

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