The Watch Hut is happy for related websites to feature links back to our website. Webmasters do not need to ask permission to create a link to the Watch Hut, but we do kindly request that the simple guidelines outlined below are followed.

Standard Link Text

To link to the Watch Hut, simply copy and paste the code below directly on to your site:

Reciprocal Links

The Watch Hut is happy to exchange links with related websites, as long as the site making the link request meets our quality standards.

Before submitting a link request, please review the points below:

  • Your website must feature a link to The Watch Hut before we review it. Copy and paste the HTML code above into your website’s source code.
  • You must provide a direct link to The Watch Hut. This link must contain the anchor text supplied in the script we provided, so search engine crawlers can easily read the link between sites.
  • The link must be followed, it must not contain the rel=”nofollow” attribute.


To send a request, fill out the form below. Make sure you include the following: website title, website address, name, contact details and where on your website we can find the link to the Watch Hut. Feel free to include a desired link title and description for us to use when linking back to your website.