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29% Off RRP: $70.60
Unisex Casio Classic Collection Alarm Chronograph Watch LA670WEGB-1BEF

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38% Off RRP: $77.02
Unisex Casio Collection Alarm Chronograph Watch CA-506G-9AEF

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34% Off RRP: $32.09
Unisex Casio Classic Collection Alarm Chronograph Watch F-91WM-9AEF

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Casio was one of the earliest manufacturers of both digital and analogue quartz watches and even produced innovative calculator watches; highlighting their versatility from the very beginning. Casio also produced on of the very first watches that could display the time in a number of different time zones before adding features that could measure temperature, atmospheric-pressure and altitude.

Their retro collection includes the iconic digital models that are the perfect accessory for an everyday, casual street style. Practical and stylish and the same time, the digital Casio features a stopwatch, timer and alarm to help you keep track of time in any situation. Casio is well known for their technological advancements on their watches from the use of inbuilt solar cells to charge the battery using light alone to the use of radio control for ultimate accuracy wherever you are in the world. Casio watches are also well known for their functionality, practicality and durability with many of their watches including special shock resistance to ensure it can withstand anything you throw at it.

With a huge selection of watches for the outdoor adventurer or the stylish individual, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect the perfect watch to suit your style and needs within The Watch Hut’s Casio watch collection.