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How To Buy A Luxury Watch For Around £500 | The Watch Hut

Published: 15-08-2017

Mens Certina DS Podium Watch

There are also lots of luxury timekeepers available that suit a smaller budget of around £500, so you can find a piece that has premium style and quality.

We've explored the different types of luxury watches available to men and women who are looking for a lower-end price tag attached to a high-end piece of wristwear. Explore some of our favourites to make the most of your budget and find a stylish timepiece that suits you.

Fashion watches: Make a statement

Movado Bold Iconic watch

Those new to the watch world may not be familiar with exclusive Swiss or Japanese brands that dominate the field, but they're likely to know what to expect from iconic brands like Calvin Klein and Gucci. Major designers have flooded the market with affordable pieces of fashion that you can wear on your wrist.

Fashion watches usually have a non-traditional design and colouring, making them a real style statement for the fashion conscious. Well known designers often include noticeable branding on the design.

For those who want an eye-catching fashion watch that has a more subtle effect, consider the Movado Bold Iconic watch (£450), available in similar designs for men and women.

Old school cool

Tissot Visodate Watch

There's an ageless elegance in a vintage-style watch. Gentle colouring, a soft leather strap, and clear timekeeping favours practicality, to create a watch that looks appropriate for any occasion.

This style of watch is typically the easiest to purchase on a budget of around £500, as a variety of designs are available in high-quality materials that capitalise on the simplicity of the style.

Tissot are one of the 'big name' watch manufacturers in traditional watch making who have established a motivated fan base thanks to the variety of price points available in the collections.

Old school charm radiates from the Tissot Visodate watch for men (£450), thanks to the leather strap and gold plated case. For women, the DS Podium watch (£430) from Certina embodies a classic design for a watch lover who can't resist a bit of vintage.

Metallic elegance

Rotary Legacy Watch for Women

The metallic bracelet watch is a style that historically has been reserved for men's watches, but has expanded into the ladies' watch market.

Fashion and traditional brands alike have adopted the style, which is best-defined as a hard-wearing but beautiful piece of timekeeping, popular in mid-range and high-end collections alike.

The Rotary Legacy watch for women (£579) balances the masculine two-tone steel with rose gold accents, to create a watch that looks sophisticated and beautiful. Swiss manufacturing means this is a watch that can be relied on for precise timekeeping, with the same being said for the men's Certina DS Podium watch (£525).

Modern simplicity

Ladies Junghans Max Bill Damen Watch

The latest style to lead the watch fashion market is a contemporary design that favours simplicity over extravagance. With large faces, clear timekeeping, and clean, simple colouring, the discerning modern watch lover will adore the selection of stripped back luxury watches made popular by brands such as Olivia Burton and CLUSE.

Junghan's Max Bill designs, available for men and women (both £490) in slightly different styles, take inspiration from a 1960s minimalism, creating a watch that looks elegant in its simplicity.

Stripped of all but the most necessary timekeeping functionalities, the Max Bill range will be timelessly beautiful in years to come, and look fresh and fashionable today.

Sporting masterpiece

Ladies GC Diver Chic Ceramic Diamond Watch

Sports watches have led the luxury watch market for some time, meaning that mid-range budgets of around £500 have plenty of options available today, as technological advancement and high-end materials become readily available.

Diving watches are one of the most popular types of sports watch for men and women, as they include functionalities and design quirks that you simply don't get with another type of watch.

The ladies' diver watch by GC features nine genuine diamonds on the face, as well as the traditional rotating bezel you'd expect on a traditional diver's watch. For men, the Royal Marines Commandos limited edition watch from Citizen is a luxury piece of wristwear inspired by the Marines, and is water resistant to 300 metres.

Finding a luxury watch on a budget of around £500 has never been easier. High-end designs and materials are readily available at mid-range prices, meaning you don't have to spend a fortune to find the watch of your dreams.

Explore the full collection of The Watch Hut luxury watches for men and women.